What is Flikarus offering?
Flikarus offers novice or refresher training sessions to help market researchers gain confidence in designing, running, or using data from market research studies.

The trainings offer a range from the basics (“How to design a quantitative survey”) to the more arcane and detailed (“How to design demand studies clients can actually use”) to the basics of professional behavior we think everyone (should) know and follow, but not everybody does (“What is professional email etiquette?”).

Flikarus also partners with ZenStrat to offer pharmaceutical and medical device companies refreshers about market research. These customized trainings can be aimed at upper management or on-the-ground staff and aim to allow the entire organization to maximize the learnings and streamline implementation of insights gained from market research. Please visit or reach out to for more information.

Reach out to Flikarus concerning upcoming availability of different training modules.

Currently-Available Trainings

This webinar starts with the basics of survey design: Identifying research objectives, choosing the survey approach that best addresses the objective; defining important survey-research terms such as “double-barreled questions”, etc. It then goes through examples allowing attendees to consciously consider best approaches to a hypothetical scenario.

At the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify a core group of 5-10 questions that are necessary to answer the key research objective
  2. Match the survey methodology best suited to ask and answer those key questions
  3. Avoid or control for common survey methodology pitfalls, such as priming or double-barreled questions
  4. Know what to look out for during the survey-writing and revision process with clients

This webinar takes you through specific steps for Demand and Forecasting study design.

At the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  1. Distinguish between studies for Preference Shares, Demand Estimates, or Forecasts (from now on called „demand studies”).
  2. Learn several options for designing demand studies.
  3. Know what to talk about with the client prior to design to ensure you include the proper information for capture in the survey so that there are no preventable unpleasant surprises during analytics and reporting.
  4. Write surveys that include the key pieces of information needed to deliver preference shares, demand estimates, or forecasts.

This webinar takes you through specific steps for Demand and Forecasting study design.

At the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  1. Drive the analytics, including approach to weighting, deflation, etc.
  2. Write an Executive Summary that captures key points clients want to know.
  3. Discover what the “watchouts” are and take care of potential issues before they become problems (that is, not waste timing writing a report you will then have to completely redo).
  4. Speak with the client about results confidently.

Do your market research projects always seem to run behind schedule? Do you get deliverables that somehow never line up with what you expected? Do you find working with market research vendors stressful and unproductive?

Have you ever asked yourself: Am I the most effective client that I can be? And more importantly: Am I getting bad results from vendors because I am not as effective as I could be?

In this brief webinar, we will take you through the qualities and actions that distinguish less and more effective clients by taking you through the experience of market research from the vendor perspective.

At the end of the webinar, you will know:

a.What to do to help ensure your projects are on time and on budget

b.What to do to get the deliverables you want first time around

c.How to ensure the vendors you work with give you what you need on the first try

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