Flikarus has been founded by me, Agnieszka Flizik, in 2014 to provide quality insights and market research work.

The goal is to systematically analyze “big data” that are currently underutilized. The data are analyzed to address topics that are becoming increasingly important yet unaddressed.

Flikarus produces methodologically exceptional syndicated reports (see here: flikarus.com/reports ) to show what users and potential users of pharmaceutical products are writing and reading on-line and how that content is changing over time.

Flikarus also provides primary market research assistance to vendors (see here: flikarus.com/primary ) when they experience difficulty executing research due to staffing or expertise constraints.

Methodology and market research are skills. They require training and experience to do well. And it is crucial to remember that only quality data can lead to quality insights and actions.

Flikarus wants to make your life easier. Relax – help is here

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